Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Poll Result: Financial Crisis in Top of the 6th Inning

Thanks to all who participated in the first ever VIX and More poll, which asked readers, “What inning is it for the financial crisis?”

The results of the poll are shown at the right. The median response puts the crisis in the early part of the sixth inning; the mean response has it split between the fifth and sixth inning; and the most common response was the seventh inning.

The poll ran for one week and much to my surprise, opinions about where we are in the financial crisis did not change at all following Thursday’s rumors and Friday’s announcement concerning the Troubled Asset Relief Program or TARP.

For the record, I was pleasantly surprised by the strong response to the poll and will consider resurrecting this feature periodically in order to get a better sense of what the blog's readership is thinking about important issues.


Anonymous said...


Wouldn't now be a good time to gage how folks feel about the bailout??,,I feel the banks will be the ones to come away smiling.


Ben Bittrolff said...

Yes. Its true. (News from Bloomberg)

The real question is, who is copying who?

Kazakhstan Plans Paulson Style Bailout: Borat?

Anonymous said...

This will be an extra inning game.

House prices will fall from peak to bottom by more than 50% before the economy has the legs to move forward. Unemployment is running around 6% (of documented workers); expect a peak at around 18%.

A recession is when your neighbor is out of work; a depression is when you are out of work.

2win said...

This is no game. Polls such as this are symptomatic of our blissful ignorance. Why are are two major candidates being called in today? So they'll can be shown the serious facts which need to be hidden from the public. A better question would have been, "Which of the ten plagues are we in now?"

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