Monday, December 28, 2009

Top Posts of 2009

As this blog starts to get a little long in the tooth, I am having more fun scanning the archives to see what I was writing about and readers were responding to as various events were pushing the markets up and down.

This marks the third year I have assembled my top posts of the year collection, which represents the 25 posts of 2009 which have been read by the largest number of unique readers during the course of the year:

  1. Chart of the Week: Might Recent Volume Bottom Doom Stocks?
  2. SPX 15% Over 200 Day Moving Average for First Time in Ten Years
  3. How to Trade the VIX
  4. Lagging Semiconductor Index Suggests Caution
  5. The SPX and the 200 Day Moving Average
  6. Trader Development Stage Model – Version 2.0
  7. Draft Trader Development Stage Model
  8. VIX:VXV Ratio Sell/Short Signal
  9. The Possibility of a ‘Stealth Bottom’
  10. VIX at Seasonal Cycle Low
  11. On Trading Rules and Guidelines
  12. Three Fear Indicators (or…The Three Baritones)
  13. VXX Calculations, VIX Futures and Time Decay
  14. Chart of the Week: Change of Trend in Cash Holdings?
  15. Lost in Translation: VXX and VXZ
  16. VIX:VXV Ratio Moving Toward Bearish Zone
  17. Equity Put to Call Ratio Hits Ten Month Low
  18. VIX Spike of 35% in Four Days is Short-Term Buy Signal
  19. New Dr. Brett Series on Lessons for Developing Traders
  20. Triple ETF Options Landscape
  21. Cash on Sidelines Headed Back to Stocks?
  22. Eerie Déjà Vu as Both VIX and SPX Jump More than 2.5%
  23. Options Expiration Weeks and the March to August Bull Market
  24. Learning About Options (1)
  25. Commercial Real Estate Problems Piling Up

For the record, the top 25 posts for 2007 and 2008 are pinned to the right hand column of the blog and can also be plucked from the archives at:

Alternatively, readers looking for a month-by-month review of the past three years may be interested in The Post of the Month: An Informal History of VIX and More

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