Friday, June 29, 2012

Top Posts of 2012 (Through the First Half of the Year)

Every year I tabulate the most-read posts in this space and as the halfway mark falls on a weekend this year and in the midst of considerable turmoil in Europe, China and the United States, I thought I would provide a mid-year update for those who may be interested in doing some weekend reading.

The posts below represent those that have been read by the highest number of unique readers in 2012. Farther down there are links to similar lists going back to 2007, along with several other “best of” type posts that I have flagged for archival purposes.

For the record, each year I also attach the hall of fame label to a handful of posts that I believe have particularly compelling and/or original content, regardless of readership.

  1. Will TVIX Go To Zero?
  2. Volatility Becomes Unhinged on Friday
  3. A Million SPX Contracts Traded Today…A Contrarian Timing Signal
  4. Four Key Drivers of the Price of TVIX
  5. Credit Suisse Suspends Creation Units in TVIX: What It Means
  6. All About UVXY
  7. Who Is Trading TVIX?
  8. What the VIX Kitchen Sink Chart Says
  9. Natural Gas, Contango and UNG
  10. A VIX of 15!?! Meet the New Reality
  11. VXX Options Calm After Second Highest Volume Day Ever
  12. Third Steepest First-Second Month VIX Futures Contango Ever
  13. Dynamic VIX ETPs as Long-Term Hedges
  14. TVIX Premium to Indicative Value Creeping Back Up
  15. Implications of a Positively Correlated SPX and VIX
  16. Putting the Recent 2.6% SPX Pullback in Historical Context
  17. TVIX Creation Units Return; What It Means for Investors
  18. Geography, Focus and Strategy
  19. The Story of VIX ETPs Relative to Their Intraday Indicative Values
  20. A Look at Pullbacks of the 2009-2012 Bull Market
  21. Is TVIX Now Just a More Docile UVXY?
  22. The VIX-VXX Minotaur Trade
  23. Five Years of VIX and More
  24. The Ups and Downs of the New Premium in TVIX
  25. An Updated Field Guide to VIX ETPS

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