Sunday, September 20, 2009

Chart of the Week: YTD Country Performance

In this week’s chart of the week, I wish simply to make two points:

  1. If you are focusing your investments in U.S. stocks, you are likely underperforming 80% of the global investment world so far in 2009

  2. has some excellent summary graphics for geographical and sector/industry group performance and other metrics

The chart below is one such example.

The quick takeaway? Get global!

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Anonymous said...

some info is incorrect

Bill Luby said...

I am in agreement, anon, and am wondering if FINVIZ is getting this from ETFs instead of local indices.

Now that I study this, some of the numbers are a mystery...



Timothy said...

Would be interesting to see the 2008 chart...doubt it would be so appetizing...I guess as usual timing is crucial

Anonymous said...

The benchmark S&P 500 index is up almost sixty-one percent since its March ninth low and the VIX index closed just 0.6 points above its fifty-two week low of 22.48. Dow 10000 is just 170 points away and a ten percent correction in the SPX 500 index has not occurred in over six months. The U.S. stock markets have performed well over this time frame and the commodity-based Canadian, Australian and Brazilian markets have performed even better.

ghandy said...

There are other examples of a mysterious (wrong? inaccurate?) Finviz stock chart:


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