Sunday, March 25, 2007

Portfolio A1 Update for 3/25/07

Portfolio A1 rallied vigorously last week and now leads the benchmark SPX by 1.7%. Four of the five holdings (all but NTY) are within 3% of their 52 week highs, with TEX logging a new all-time high on Friday.

There are no changes to the portfolio for the coming week.

Though I am still not sure of the significance, the equity curve continues to strongly resemble a duck, although as portfolio performance improves I am ever hopeful that we can fly out of range of Dick Cheney.

(On a distantly related note, I am pleased to report that I have moved in to the top 5,000 at the CNBC Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge. I am currently in the top 2% of all contestants for this challenge, using a discretionary trading system that has recently made strong gains in natural gas and copper. My goal is to be comfortably in the top 1% and taking a run at the money when the contest ends on May 14. I will pass along any news of interest as it develops.)

Portfolio details for Portfolio A1 are as follows:


Trading Goddess said...

Mr. VIX,

Congrats on your status in the CNBC Challenge. Quite impressive!

I did want to pass on to you that 1 Option has offered some stock scans geared specifically for the contest. Feel free to take a look. :)

I did want to ask on your RIO... I am/have been long RIO for quite some time. What made you sell, if you don't mind sharing?

Thanks in advance.

Bill Luby said...

Ms. TG,

I see we are almost in a deat heat at CNBC; congrats to you too!

Thanks for the 1Option link; it's good stuff. If we do not move up, I guess Pete can be our scapegoat... His pre-open scan is part of my trading day prep.

Regarding RIO, since Portfolio A1 is a 100% mechanical portfolio, it ranks my stock universe each weekend based upon criteria I developed and have used at for the past three years. More info can be found at
...but essentially I have a "pig at the trough" policy, whereby only the top 5 holdings are retained/purchased each week. RIO fell out of the top five and was automatically dropped as a result.

As an aside, I have had RIO in my wife's IRA (a discretionary portfolio) since 2005 and still think it is an excellent LT holding, with exposure to two of my favorite investing themes, Brazil and metals/mining.

Anonymous said...

Continued success in the challenge. And, good site. A site that offers a little something different.

Trading Goddess said...

Mr. VIX,

Thank you for your elaboration on RIO.

Happy trading to you!


Glenda Davis said...

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