Saturday, July 7, 2007

Futures Now Available on VXN and RVX

From the in-case-you-missed-it department, comes a June 11 announcement by the CBOE that the CBOE Futures Exchange (CFE) has launched "two new volatility index futures contracts on the CBOE Nasdaq-100 Volatility Index (ticker symbol VXN, futures symbol VN) and the CBOE Russell 2000 Volatility Index (ticker symbol RVX, futures symbol VR) beginning July 6, 2007."

More information is available from the CBOE for the VXN futures and RVX futures in the links to the left.

Among other things, this means I will now be paying much closer attention to the VXN and the RVX.


Agustin said...

Bill, I'm following the maestro's lead here.

Fergusonbxqx said...

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