Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Josh Brown’s Favorite Financial Blogs

One year ago, Josh Brown of The Reformed Broker rolled out his personal taxonomy of the financial blogging universe in an incisive and highly acclaimed post, The Periodic Table of Finance Bloggers. VIX and More was pleased to be included in this list, even if there were no signs of volatilium anywhere on his table…

This year the noted analyst and humorist is back again with an updated version of his favorite finance bloggers in Financial Blog Wars. I am glad to say that VIX and More is once again included on the list, but as this year’s theme is Star Wars, this blog is now officially categorized as one of the Droids, whose penchant is for “Technicals, Trading, Charting, Options, and Quantitative Analysis.”

It is always gratifying to be recognized for what is essentially a labor of love, particularly when it comes in esteemed company.

I have not yet attempted to make an all-inclusive list of the various blogging awards that have been bestowed on this blog, but for the record, VIX and More has been mentioned in connection with a number all-star blogging teams in the past, including:

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