Monday, May 18, 2009

Two Blogs to Get Me Caught Up

Some personal business has kept me away from the markets for the better part of a week and last night I found myself with the daunting task of getting caught up with what has been going on in the economy and in the markets.

Much to my amazement, I believe I can get a great deal out of looking at just two blogs: Abnormal Returns and Cobra’s Market View.

Admittedly, calling Abnormal Returns a single blog is stretching the definition a bit, as the folks at Abnormal read just about everything written on the markets and assemble a list of the best of the best on an almost daily basis. I have no idea how many articles are left on the cutting floor, but the ones that make the final links list always give me a lot of ideas to contemplate.

Whereas Abnormal Returns covers the entire economic landscape and a wide variety of perspectives, Cobra’s Market View takes a focused and highly personal approach. Yong Pan’s focus is on technical analysis. He summarizes much of his thinking in his blog, doing so by drawing upon a wide variety of superbly crafted and annotated charts. Better yet, those yearning for more information behind his thinking can always check out the 89 (!) charts Yong Pan maintains in his StockCharts public list.

I have 300 feeds that I try to read every day. When I am away from the markets for several days and need a quick update, I am amazed by how much ground I can cover just by reviewing the two blogs above.

Of course, if I wish to see what I would have written had I been blogging, I can always mosey on over to the Daily Options Report...


Adam said...

thanks for the hat tip.

And same here, Abnormal Returns is the best spot to catch up on everything I miss, not sure how he gets thru everything so well.

Cobra said...


Thanks for recommending my blog. I'm really really honored!

Bill Luby said...


Thanks for all your excellent charts and analysis. You have certainly earned any accolades that come your way.

I think almost every blogger knows Abnormal Returns, so one of the reasons for my post was to put your work on equal footing with theirs.



Cobra said...

Bill, Thanks again! Keep in touch.

Happy trading,

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