Sunday, June 1, 2008

Subscriber Newsletter Portfolio Performance through May

As I hinted at yesterday in Portfolio A1 Performance Update: 5/31/08, PortfolioA1, which I updated here on a weekly basis from February 2007 through April 2008, has been tweaked and enhanced to create the VIX and More Focus Aggressive Trader Model Portfolio.

In fact, the subscriber newsletter has four model portfolios that I make available to newsletter subscribers. Since their March 30, 2008 launch, the four (equities only, long only) portfolios have performed as follows:

  • Focus Aggressive Trader: +16.93%

  • Focus Growth: +3.25%

  • Focus Foreign Growth: +9.75%

  • Stock of the Week Sequential Portfolio: +64.58%

In addition to the model portfolios, the subscriber newsletter includes a number of regular weekly sections, including a market commentary, asset class outlook, market sentiment update, current investment thesis, and week in review. Features generally focus on subjects such as sector rotation, volatility, put to call ratios, market breadth, volume, and other sentiment-related issues. Some of the May features have included:

  • Technology Leadership Is Bullish
  • New Picks from the Volatility-Based Sector Rotation Model
  • Interpreting the Recent Low VIX
  • An Expanded Look at the VIX:VXV Ratio
  • Measuring Complacency
  • ETF Reversal Swing Trader
  • Trading Oil with ETFs
  • Different Ways to Cross the 200 Day SMA
  • The Role of Speculation in Oil Prices
  • Oil, Energy, and Correlations

I continue to be pleased by the positive feedback from subscribers, 25% of whom are located outside of the United States, which has included the following comments:

I really appreciate all your help and the thoughtful views you have of the market…It appears you have a knack for picking the stock of the week! -- PP, USA

You've blogged only rarely on the broader thrust of the newsletter. It comes off as applied VIX, or perhaps punches up the "..and More" part of "VIX and More". -- DK, USA

The newsletter is exactly what I am looking for. -- MD, Germany

I loved your Sunday edition. Congrats on the success of your picks. -- VH, USA

For more information on the subscriber newsletter contents, check out a blog that I have dedicated to the subscriber newsletter: VIX and More Subscriber Newsletter Blog.

If anyone has any additional questions or comments about the subscriber newsletter, please feel free to email me at


Marc said...

Since your portfolios came into being right about the time of the last market bottom, the returns look fabulous.

However I think you might be more insightful if you posted those returns relative to the market (ie. the QQQQ is up over 20% since the March bottom)


Bill Luby said...

Hi Marc,

I use the SPX as my benchmark for the US portfolios and the EAFE as my benchmark for the foreign growth portfolio. From 3/30 to 5/31, the SPX was up 6.47% and the EAFE was up 6.69%.



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