Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New ETFs?

So I'm thinking about a couple of new ETFs that are in the can't miss category:

  1. FadeTheOpenETF -- fades any opening gap of 1% or more, with a PSAR trailing stop

  2. ShortTheFedSpeechETF -- goes short the major indices (or at least the financials) 10 minutes before any Fed member speaks and doesn't close out the position until the markets have a session in the green

Perhaps in a couple of years, you can have a full ETF trading strategy menu, so that just before the open each day, you can absorb all the news and click on a couple of strategy boxes, then watch the ETFs do all the work for you.

Which obvious ETF winners am I missing?


Unknown said...

How about a "ShortBushSpeech" ETF?

Since his first term as President, it seems like whenever Mr. Bush gives a speech about the economic matters during the trading day, the SPX sells off. The effect may be less pronounced now than before, given his lame-duckness, but there was a time when I dreaded (or looked forward to, if I had a bearish position on) his mid-day speeches. lol

Anonymous said...


...and let's not forget the UltraShort variants of these, too!

GS751 said...

You know that old saying "Buy on the Rumor and sell on the news" (not that I pay attention or trade by it). I would be willing to start and ETF called "UltraShort the Lies."

Anonymous said...

In our office, we look for the "Gasparino Moment." This used to come at about 3:15 EST but now also has a morning segment, so you have two daily shorting opportunities.

Anonymous said...

It has been really safe to short the S&P futures during the last hour lately. They say that the professionals control the close, so they are obviously pessimistic.

Anonymous said...

What about ETF's based on technicals rather than fundamentals. Perhaps stocks with crossing weekly 20 & 50 SMA's?

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