Thursday, January 3, 2008

Yes, I’m Frequenting More Blogs These Days

I’m sure nobody bothers to pay attention to this, but I periodically tweak the “Blogs I Frequent” section of VIX and More whenever a particular whim hits me. Since I’ve had that set of links up for almost a year, I thought I should clarify what it is and why certain blogs are there.

First, when I began blogging I had no idea what a feed was and I was under the mistaken impression that a blog would be the best way for me to keep track of links to all of my favorite blogs. That approach worked for awhile, until my news appetite expanded to the point where I needed to scroll down to access all my information source links and the ‘simplicity’ of the approach became too cumbersome for my liking. Fortunately, necessity birthed not just invention, but some technology test drives as well, and I settled on Bloglines as my favorite tool for managing feeds, as I detailed back in April.

I mention all of this because Bloglines is my primary news aggregation source 99.9% of the time, delivering 242 feeds on a relatively timely basis. Every once in awhile, Bloglines has technical difficulties and I resort to a backup system. Usually that backup takes the form of Google Reader, but there are some occasions where I prefer to fall back on the blog.

Now I trade primarily as a result of charts, technical analysis, market sentiment indicators and the like, but I don’t particularly enjoy looking at everyone else’s charts, which is why the list of the blogs I frequent has a disproportionately fundamental and macroeconomic focus and why the sequence (and invisible grouping) might appear chaotic. Ultimately, my blogroll is a somewhat arbitrary subset of my Bloglines feeds, with preference given to sites that I rarely if ever see on other blogrolls.

For all these reasons, I have recently added three important voices to my blogroll:

Finally, thanks to all who have made VIX and More a part of their blogroll or personal reading list during the past year.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for adding me to your blogroll. And thanks for finding Tom Drake again. We all used to be at AvidTrader a long time ago...


Bill Luby said...

My pleasure, Teresa. I've enjoyed your blog a great deal.

For the record, since I put up this post, I've added a couple of blogs that I had not realized were not on the blogroll. Frankly, I consider these to be the elite of the macroeconomic blogs out there:
- Econbrowser
- Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis
- macroblog

Good reading, all.


Jeff Pietsch CFA said...

I've added you too! Thanks for contributing to the body of good work found on the web about this curious business we are in, Jeff Pietsch

Bryan Matthews said...

Thank you, Bill. I appreciate it.

Much like books in the library, or wines in the cellar, you can sense the cut of a man's jib by his blog roll.

Anonymous said...

It was delightful to find Teresa Lo and Chairman Maoxian on your list adjacent to me. We three were fellow posters at Avid, as T Lo said, and then at one of Teresa's several great web sites.

It's humbling to be a survivor after over decade of "internut" communications and more than a few of trading.

I'm always pleased to read new and much younger writers who aren't encumbered by history and are therefore inherently refreshing; but bumping into survivor friends is precious too. Survivorship proves that skill and talent actually do work in the long run.

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